Welcome to the Website dedicated to the men and woman of  Uttoxeter who lost their lives  during the 1st World War


This website presents the research that we have been doing since April 2005. We have devoted a lot of time and effort to it and are putting it into the public domain in good faith. We wish these fine people to be remembered.

If you wish to use any of our material, please ask us first. Please do not abuse our trust by copying our work or photographs without our permission.



Development of this website

This website is at a very early stage. At present we are adding the basic details about each person. More will follow, including full details of our sources (see below) in due course.



Our material has come from a huge range of places and we have systematically recorded details of all of our sources. We are not including these details on our website at this stage, but they will follow when time allows. We will, however, be happy to supply them in advance on an individual basis upon request.


Some abbreviations are used throughout our material, and they are defined below for your information:

CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission
SDGW The "Soldiers Died in the Great War" database.
[X] Numbers in square brackets define the source(s) of the stated information.
? ! etc You will find question marks and other strange characters peppered around our pages where single quotes or pound signs         should appear. Please bear with us - we are new to web editing and we do not really know what we are doing yet. When we find out how to sort this problem out, we will.



Many people have been generous with their time, documents and photographs and it has given us pleasure to acknowledge their contributions in the individual records.

We would also like to extend particular and special thanks to the following:

The editor and editorial staff have always been very supportive, and we are very grateful.

They have publicised our work locally, which has helped to put us in touch with some of the families. This has in turn yielded some wonderful material and some good friendships.

A large proportion of the surviving information has come from the issues of the Uttoxeter Advertiser that were published during the war. Indeed, it is true to say that without the Uttoxeter Advertiserís articles, very little would be known about the majority of the people covered by our research.

We have spent countless hours in the Uttoxeter Public Library, and we would like to thank the the librarians. They have always been friendly and generous with their help and encouragement.

Eric and Willie, the curators, have spent many hours helping us to research the fate of the men who served with the North and South Staffordshire Regiment. They have always made us welcome and been generous with their time.

If you are interested in the history of the men of the Staffordshire Regiment, we urge you to visit their museum and the full-size reconstruction of part of a trench system in the grounds.