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Uttoxeter’s Lost Generation    1914-1918

Our Journey started with a visit to the Uttoxeter War memorial to see the name of Alan's Great Uncle, Edward James. Delving into the family history allowed us to bring Edward ‘back to life’. This, led us to the inevitable question, could we do the same for all the other names on the War Memorial?

This book is the result of over 10 years research. For many of the names we have achieved our aim and they are now as familiar to us as members of our own families. Others, unfortunately, remain elusively distant.

We hope this book will help you see the War memorial through the eyes of those who built it:

A memorial for the people they loved and respected

ISBN 978-0-9931209-0-9

ISBN 978-0-9931209-2-3

In the Pink

This is the story of Sydney Harrison, a young country lad conscripted into the British Army in 1916.

His story is told through the letters he sent home to his parents, lovingly preserved by his family.

Through his letters we follow his progress from the training camp at Brocton through to his posting on the Western Front and his death in 1918 during the German Spring Offensive.

During this short period Sydney grew from an immature teenager to a thoughtful adult, yet he died at the age of 19.

Finally we experience the heartache of his parents through the letters written by his mother  when trying to find out what had happened to Sid.

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“This book will  pull you in emotionally and let you live through the family’s lives”

“A moving and thought provoking read. Highly recommend”