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In the course of our research we have discovered a significant number of people who have connections with Uttoxeter, but have been omitted from the War Memorial for some reason. Some were born in the town and some worked there. With what we already know about most of them, they seem to have as strong a case for being included on the memorial as many who were included.

If we can compile a sufficiently compelling case for their inclusion, we would like to see their names join those of the others on the war memorial one day.

Please watch this page for developments: no doubt as we uncover further information about each, their cases will either strengthen or weaken:


Adams, William Henry Allsopp, Edward Austin, John Avery, Herbert H
Bagshaw, William Browne Bailey, John Percival Barker, Edwin John Leslie Bayley, George Henry
Berrisford, Harold Betts, Joseph Bond, William Craddock, Joe
Crutchley, Alec or Alexander Evans, TBD Fergusson, Andrew Gilbert, Richard Arthur
Griffin, Harold Sampson Hampson, Thomas Harper, Thomas Hewett, Ernest
Hulme, John Latham, William James Lineker, Cecil John Marvill, Arthur
Morgan, William Neild, Alfred Newman, James Francis Phillips, George Thomas
Plant, William Rowe, Arthur William Shepherd, Isaac Spalton, Sidney James
Walker, Charles William Whitehall, Thomas Joseph Windsor, Philip Herbert  


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