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Our records show that Uttoxeter people died while serving with all of the following:




Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

2nd battalion


Harvey, Herbert Edmund

Bedfordshire Regiment

1st battalion


Clarke, William James

4th battalion


Whysall, Thomas Henry (Harry)

Bedfordshire Yeomanry



Knights-Smith, Philip Arnold

Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

9th (Service) battalion


Miller, Frederick

Border Regiment

11th battalion (Lonsdales)


Shaw, George John (or James?)

British Red Cross Society

Voluntary division evacuating casualties from the front line


Abud, Henry Mallaby



Stewart, Christine

Canadian Forces



Platt, Vincent Vernon

Canadian Infantry

46th battalion


Davies, James Alec

Cheshire Regiment

1st/7th battalion


Barker, Edwin John Leslie

City of London Regiment

See Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

Coldstream Guards

See Guards, Coldstream

Dorsetshire Regiment

5th battalion


Spalton, Sidney James

East Lancashire Regiment

See Lancashire Regiment, East

East Surrey Regiment

See Surrey Regiment, East

East Yorkshire Regiment

See Yorkshire Regiment, East

Grenadier Guards

See Guards, Grenadier

Guards, Coldstream

3rd battalion


Smith, Henry George

Guards, Grenadier

2nd battalion


Evans, Spencer

3rd battalion


Harvey, Arthur

4th battalion

No. 1 Company

Richardson, Robert

Hertfordshire Regiment



Woodward, Frederick Charles

Irish Fusiliers, Royal (Princess Victoria's)

8th battalion


Eaton, Guy Wellesley

Kent Regiment, Royal West (Queen's Own)

1st battalion


Avery, Herbert H

7th battalion


Wheat, David

King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI)

8th battalion


Rayner, Charles Frederick

King's Royal Rifle Corps (KRRC)

11th battalion


Dale, Albert Victor

12th battalion


Newman, James Francis

13th battalion


Blakeman,  Victor Harry

16th battalion


Kelly, Sidney (or Sydney) Gerald

18th battalion


Griffin, Harold Sampson

21st battalion


Gadsby, George Henry

Lancashire Fusiliers

1st/8th battalion


Chilton, Arnold

2nd battalion


Latham, William James


Marsh, William


Phillips, George Thomas

4th battalion


Plant, William

Lancashire Regiment, East

1st/4th battalion


Austin, John

Lancashire Regiment, Loyal North

10th battalion


Hampson, Thomas

Lancashire Regiment, South (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)

1st/ 4th battalion


Betts, Joseph

Lancaster Regiment, Royal (King's Own)

3rd battalion


Bagshaw, William Browne

Leicestershire Regiment

1st battalion


Harper, Thomas

1st/6th battalion


Brassington, Henry or Harry

6th battalion


Higson, John William


Shepherd, Isaac

8th battalion


Lineker, Cecil John

Lincolnshire Regiment

2nd battalion


Harrison, Robert

10th battalion (Grimsby Chums)

D Company.

Beetham, James

Liverpool Regiment (The King's Rifles and The Kings)

5th battalion


Durose, Tom

13th battalion


Ince, James

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

See Lancashire Regiment, Loyal North

Machine Gun Corps



Fearn, Frederick

Manchester Regiment

2nd/9th battalion


Rushton, Percy

17th battalion (2nd Manchester Pals)

Wilks, Harold

Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own)

29th battalion


Tortoishell, John

Norfolk Regiment

1st battalion


Sherratt, William Curtis

Northamptonshire Regiment

6th battalion


Harrison, Sydney

Northumberland Fusiliers

1st/5th battalion


Morgan, William

8th battalion


Degge, Ernest Harold

22nd battalion (3rd Tyneside Scottish)


Priddy, Sidney

Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment (Sherwood Foresters)

1st battalion


Croxton, Thomas

1st/5th battalion


Yeomans, Clement

2nd/5th battalion


Hulme, John

1st/8th battalion


Elly, Cyril John

10th battalion


Marvill, Arthur

11th battalion


Brassington, Francis (Frank) John

15th battalion


Durose, William Henry

18th battalion


Moore, Harry

Nottinghamshire Regiment, South Hussars

1st/1st battalion


Herridge, Fred


Thurman, Archibald E

Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

2nd/1st battalion


Lynch, Edward Arthur

Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort's Own)

1st battalion


Walker, Charles William

7th battalion


Faulkner, Percy(?)

12th battalion

C Company

Knights-Smith, Bernard Arthur

Royal Army Medical Corps

No. 1 Company


Copestake, William C

11th Casualty Clearing Station


Goodall, Herbert John



Hall,  Dr. Harry Spencer

Royal Army Ordnance Corps



Foster, Thomas

Royal Army Service Corps (RASC)

5th Army Auxiliary Horse Transport Company


Moore, William

3rd Water Tank Company


Smith, Allan J



Sanbrooke, Frederick William

Royal Engineers

Special Brigade


Elliker, William Harold

"N" Special Coy.


Hassall, William Lester

Railway Operating Div.


Wood, Charles C (RE)

95th Field Coy.


Pattinson, Charles

144th Army Troops Coy.


Ford, John William ("Billy")

179th Tunnelling Coy.


Martin, Bertram

Royal Field Artillery

83rd Brigade

"D" Battery

Astle, William

107th Brigade

A Battery

Cope, Albert Bertram

149th Brigade

"A" Battery

Davies, Walter

158h Brigade

"A" Battery

Ward, Thomas Henry

160th Brigade

"D" Battery

Adams, William Henry

232nd Brigade

"D" Battery

Blackwell, Ralph

North Midland Div. Ammunition Column

Upton, Frederick

No. 1 Reserve Brigade., D Battery


Copeland, Joseph



Berrisford, Harold



Stone, George

Royal Flying Corps

Reserve Cavalry Regiment.

2ndry unit 5th battalion

Speechly, Thomas Martindale

Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

Posted 2/4th battalion London

Hewett, Ernest

13th battalion


Holdcroft, Eric Crane

26th battalion


Cope, William Moseley

Royal Garrison Artillery

12th Mountain Battery


Guy, Thomas William


Whitehall, Thomas Joseph

115th Siege Battery


Marten, George Kenneth Rodger

140th Siege Battery


Brittan, Edward Pidd

295th Siege Battery


Tyson, Thomas

Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victoria's)

See Irish Fusiliers, Royal (Princess Victoria's)

Royal Lancaster Regiment, (King's Own)

See Lancaster Regiment, Royal (King's Own)

Royal Marine Light Infantry

2nd R.M. Battalion, Royal Naval Division.

Sampson, Edwin John

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

HMS Vivid (the name of the Devonport Barracks)

Fradley, William

Royal Navy

H.M.S. "Goliath"


Lewis, Ivor Morgan (Reverend)

Royal Sussex Regiment

See Sussex Regiment, Royal

Royal Warwickshire Regiment

See Warwickshire Regiment, Royal

Royal West Kent Regiment (Queen's Own)

See Kent Regiment, Royal West (Queen's Own)

Shropshire Light Infantry (King's)

7th battalion


Bayley, George Henry

South Lancashire (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)

See Lancashire Regiment, South (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)

South Nottinghamshire Regiment, - Hussars

See Nottinghamshire Regiment, South Hussars

South Staffordshire Regiment

See Staffordshire Regiment, South

Staffordshire Regiment, North (Prince of Wales's)



Moore, Thomas


Rowley, Samuel


Rush, John





Lowndes, William Harold

1st battalion


Alsopp, Edward


Arnold, Edward


Bloor, John (Patsy)


Felgate, Henry or Harry


Ford, John (Jack) T


Henshall, William Henry

Started in the 11th battalion

Hodgkins, Charles


Hudson, Joseph


Lomas, Ernest


Lymer, Joseph G


Moore, Patrick ("Paddy")


Nuttall, James Leslie


Sampson, Harry


Wood, William

4th battalion


Meakin, Sidney or Sydney Arthur

5th battalion


Armishaw, George Daniel

1st/5th battalion


Bennett, Harry Clifford


Blackshaw, William Henry


Carr, Ernest William


Chatfield, Ernest


Thacker, Joseph

"D" Coy.

2ry regiment: Honourable Artillery Company

Tortoishell, George Henry

2nd/5th battalion


James, Edward William


Wood Ernest John

6th battalion


Bamford, Oswald Joseph

B Company

Brough, William or John William


Brown, Thomas Lawrence


Collyer, John Latimer (Jack)


Crutchley, Alec or Alexander


Wood, Charles



6th or 1st/6th battalion (depends upon the source


Dale, Francis William


Harvey, William Henry


Hayes, Joseph


Martin, Percy


Patrick, Henry


Pilgrim, Frank

1st/6th battalion


Alcock, Albert Harry


Alcock, Fred


Blackwell, Joseph


Bloor, Henry (Harry)


Bloor, Isaac (Ike)


Brassington, Albert


Crutchley, John (Jack) Clement


Crutchley, William (Bill) H


Curzon, Harold


Dale, Jack or John

C Company

Fradley, James Perkin


Greatrix, Charles


Gregson, Charles


Hayes, John ("Dan")


Hayes, Thomas


Hodgkinson, Harry


Holmes, Richard


Holmes, Thomas Henry


Holmes, William Harvey


Johnson, Martin Frederick


Martin, Nelson

B Company

Merrick, Alfred


Nash, Herbert


Neild, Alfred


Richardson, Herbert (Bert)


Smith, Samson or Sampson S.


Stubbs, Sidney or Sydney


Taft, Bertram Philip


Tyson, William


Udale, Richard


Walker, William Henry


Ward, Thomas Henry

2nd/6th battalion


Hooley, John William

7th battalion


Ambrose, John James William


Bailey, John Percival


Gilbert, John


Hayes, Peter

2ndry regiment: Worcestershire Regiment, attached to the 9th battalion

Knight, Robert Bruce


Leadbetter, Robert


Nield, Clement William



8th battalion


Adams, William


Ball, James


Booth, Alfred


Craddock, Thomas William


Wilson, Arthur


Woolley, Thomas


Yates, John

8th or 9th (depends upon the source)


Coates, Thomas

11th battalion

Started in the 11th and finished in the 1st

Hodgkins, Charles

Staffordshire Regiment, South

2nd battalion


Holdcroft, William Lawrence

7th battalion


Lowndes, Harold Barnes

8th battalion


Bond, William

8th or 8th Service battalion (depends upon the source)


Cotterill, Arthur

Surrey Regiment, East

1st/23rd battalion


Windsor, Philip Herbert

Sussex Regiment, Royal

2nd battalion


Shambrook, Charles Owen

17th battalion


Ball, Harry Douglas

Warwickshire Regiment, Royal

1st/8th battalion


Titley, Walter Louis

West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)

See Yorkshire Regiment, West (Prince of Wales's Own)

Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's)

7th battalion


Fergusson, Andrew

Worcestershire Regiment

1st/8th battalion


Boaz, Frederick Charles

York and Lancaster Regiment

6th or 6th Service battalion (depends upon the source)


Dockerty, Harry or Henry

9th battalion


Alcock, William John

14th (Service) battalion (2nd Barnsley Pals)


Gilbert, Richard Arthur

Yorkshire Light Infantry, King's Own (KOYLI)

See King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI)

Yorkshire Regiment, East

2nd (Kings Own) battalion


Merrick, James

Yorkshire Regiment, West (Prince of Wales's Own)


2nd battalion


Brough, Frederick or Francis


Rowe, Arthur William

2nd battalion

attached to 12th battalion

Vose, Thomas

12th battalion


Hollingsworth, William Henry

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